Exclusive Warbird Hangar Access

Posted on Tuesday 15th April 2014

Biggin Hill Airport in Kent is synonymous with the Second World War, as it played a significant part in the Battle of Britain as a principal RAF fighter base. Now, a leading activity company based at the airport, is offering a range of experiences focusing on Spitfires and giving exclusive access to one of the most intriguing hangars on the apron of this historic airfield. You can even book your own personal war plane flying display!

Intotheblue.co.uk has negotiated with the Heritage Hangar at Biggin Hill to offer wartime aviation fans incredible Spitfire flights and experiences that just cannot be bought anywhere else. From the chance to 'Sit in a Spit', or flying in a Havard in formation with a Spitfire, to arranging a Spitfire display over your own home, it really is the stuff of dream for fans of all things aeronautical.

The rather inconspicuous hangar is home to a whole fleet of airworthy warbirds. The current line up includes four flying Spitfires (TA805 Mk IX 'Spirit of Kent', TE184 Mk XVI, RW382 Mk XVI and TD314 Mk IX), a Mk I Hurricane, a 1943 Piper Cub in USAF colours and FE788 Harvard II.


The IntoTheBlue team also undertakes the painstaking labour of love that is aircraft restoration. From scraps of a fuselage that have been found around the world (including pulled out of the desert, or even dredged from mud silts), this amazingly dedicated, meticulous and talented groups of engineers restores these magnificent machines back to their full flying glory.

If you book on the 'Sit in a Spit' or Biggin Hill Wingman experience you will be given privileged access to this amazing world of aircraft preservation here in the hangar. It is truly fascinating to see each stage of the re-build process, from the bare metal frame of the wings, to the intricacies of the wiring looms in the cockpit. In essence, you will be getting to see things very few aviation enthusiasts have and you are welcome to take photographs too.

As well as members of the restoration team being on hand to answer any questions you may have, you will be able to quiz a pilot about what it's like to fly in a Spitfire. You might meet the inimitable Chris Denney, one of the main pilots here who has the dream job of test flying newly restored planes, taking aircraft out on fly pasts and participating in air displays around the country.

The highlight of the 'Sit in a Spit' experience is the moment you get to climb onto the wing and into the cockpit of these iconic planes. Close your eyes, imagine the sound of that fantastic Merlin engine and before you know it you're mid-flight, watching the skies for the Luftwaffe as you protect the British coastline from enemy attack.

The iconic Spitfire flying above the White Cliffs.

Your immersion into the realm of WW2 fighter pilots becomes even more real on the 'Biggin Hill Wingman' experience, as you will be riding shotgun in a gutsy and chunky Harvard as you take to the skies in aerial dog chase with a Spitfire. It's uninterrupted air-to-air views just for you as you fly alongside the beautiful Spitfire in what is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For fans of war memorabilia, the hangar itself is an Aladdin's cave of memories and reminders of what life was like in wartime Britain. Everything from original RAF maps and pilot survival ration packs, to a Browning machine gun adorn every wall and spare corner of the floor space, creating a superb backdrop for this hangar full to the brim with classic war planes; such precious reminders of the war effort.

Away from base, if you want to mark a special occasion in a very memorable way, a personal Spitfire flying display will come to you and fly over your house, your place of work, wedding venue...wherever there is unrestricted airspace. A thrilling sequence of aerobatics performed just for you is a truly breathtaking way to celebrate and we are sure one of the most emotive too. It's not cheap, but then again it's not everyday you get to have your very own personal air display by a wonderful Spitfire!


IntotheBlue also offers Spifire experiences at Duxford, the home of the Imperial War Museum where a specially chartered Dragon Rapide flies with one of the collection's Spitfires, but remember, you can only book for Biggin Hill experiences through activity gift voucher company IntoTheBlue.co.uk.

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