Forces Children's Trust

Posted on Wednesday 4th July 2012

our mission...
As a charity we are devoted to working together to help children in need whose father or mother has died, or has been seriously injured, whilst serving as a member of the British Armed Forces.
Our History...
Following many heart-breaking stories that emerged from the losses in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Forces Children’s Trust was founded in 2004 by Denny Wise in an effort to fill a gap in the charitable field of family care. Denny was concerned that the subsequent needs of the affected children, were not being fully addressed. Over the years, the charity has grown considerably in size, allowing it to improve the lives of many children.
Values and aims...
The Forces Children’s Trust works in partnership with Families, Charity and Service Associations, and acts with compassion and sensitivity at all times. The Forces Children’s Trust provides help and support to children and their families, and amongst its many areas of assistance, regularly organises educational and social events, bereavement counselling days and holidays where children can meet and interact with others similarly placed.
The FCT recognises that each child is special and unique, and should an individual require help not provided directly by the Trust, such as professional psychological help, then the FCT can assist financially where appropriate.
How can I be sure that the children benefit directly from my donation?
The dedication of those involved ensures that administration costs are kept to a minimum, allowing all donations to be allocated exclusively to the needs of the children.
The FCT very rarely awards monetary sums to the children or families, but instead provides support through educational and social events or through necessary material assistance where a particular need has to be met. This ensures that the children alone benefit from your generosity and that smiles eventually return to their young faces.
for more information...
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