Posted on Friday 30th September 2016

A Centenary of Tank Warfare

Tanks rolled into Westminster for the 1100 Hours display.

On Thursday 15 September 2016, 100 years of Tank Warfare was remembered by a remarkable display of combat tanks positioned at Trafalgar Square and displayed until 1100 hours. The location was chosen for it's part played in hosting 'Tank Banks' during the First World War in order to raise funds for the new tank army.

Crowds gathered to take photographs of the occasion in central London as the Tank Museum honoured the memory of pioneering British Tank Soldiers.

During the Battle of The Somme, 15 September 1916 the British Army sent Tanks into action for the first time in history and changed the nature of Warfare forever.

Tank Museum Curator David Willey said;

“It is fitting that we should use the tank as a ‘prop’ to honour the memory of the brave and pioneering soldiers who fought in this first ever tank battle. Their experience sheds a different perspective on the conduct of the war and the experience of the troops that fought in it.”

The Tank Museum's B46 Big Brute

For further interest and reading about the Tank Centenary, take a look at Pen and Sword Books where you can find many Military History based narratives much like our latest release 'DEBORAH AND THE WAR OF THE TANKS 1917' by John Taylor.

Deborah is a British First World War tank that rose from the grave after taking part in one of the most momentous battles in history. In November 1917 she played a leading role in the first successful massed tank attack at Cambrai. Eighty years later, in a remarkable feat of archaeology, the tank’s buried remains were rediscovered and excavated, and are now preserved as a memorial to the battle and to the men who fought in it. John Taylor’s book tells the tale of the tank and her crew and tracks down their descendants to uncover a human story every bit as compelling as the military one.

You can find Deborah and the War of the Tanks 1917 by John Taylor on Pen and Sword's website
The Queen's Guards stand in line for the Tank Centenary presentation

A Tank rolls along Trafalgar Square

Soldiers have their photograph taken with the Tank

The Tank Display for the public in honour of the brave soldiers who fought in the first ever tank battle.

All photographs and video footage used in this article are credited to 'Suzanne Make' and 'Mark Barnes' at War History online.

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