Thank You Soldier

Posted on Friday 26th October 2012

There is a new website for the British public to show their respect and send messages to members of our Armed Forces currently serving in Afghanistan.
The brain-child of Steve Fox, is a quick and easy way for any member of the public to go online and write a short message to the young men and women serving on the front line, these messages are instantly displayed and can be accessed by soldiers anywhere in the world. Becci Banfield, whose partner is currently serving with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan says: 'It's nice to be able to reach out to soldiers out there who do not necessarily have loved ones at home to send them morale-boosting letters and parcels, you wouldn't believe the boost it gives to our boys and girls out there when they get a nice message from home. It's sad to think that some of them don't have the support of a family or partner but with Thank You Soldier they get something too.'
Steve, whose father served as a Royal Marine Commando, set up the website in March 2011 and, as well as the online forum also has an online shop where you can buy Thank You Soldier themed clothing and gifts. A percentage of the proceeds from these is donated to the registered charity, Support Our Soldiers (SOS), who send parcels out to troops on the front line and provide support to their families at home. They are very grateful of Steve's support.
Steve says: 'Thank You Soldier is a cause very close to my heart and it has been touching to read all of the comments left by members of the public, you can see from the messages the soldiers are posting back that they mean a lot.' He has also had a great deal of celebrity endorsement with the likes of Calum Best, Johnson Beharry and glamour girl Jodie Gasson having been photographed wearing TYS t-shirts. The actor Ben Richards has agreed to become patron and will be helping out as much as he can.

Johnson Beharry.

TYS held their first event in January 2012, a celebrity ghost hunt with TYS also helps out at the National Armed Forces weekend event in Nottingham, organizing celebrities and bands and singers to perform. June 2012 was the third year of taking part in this event.
TYS have also teamed up with the Ride of Honour team, to help members of the public to record messages of support and encouragement. Ride of Honour is an annual fundraising event supporting Help For Heroes and the Black Rat Fund.


support our soldiers
Support Our Soldiers was formed in March 2003 to encourage and provide support for members of the British Armed Forces serving overseas that their families at home. Since that time, thanks to the overwhelming kindness and generosity of the British public, over 70,000 morale-boosting care parcels have been sent out to those on the front line, and countless families with loved ones away on tour have been helped through the very difficult time.
SOS support all the Services, and all ranks within these. They also work very closely with the medical teams in Afghanistan and the UK to provide much-needed support for the injured. Their wonderful teams, which are now spread across the UK, share the same passion and commitment, and will do whatever they can to help our brave Servicemen and women and their families.


Support our soldiers christmas 2012
Care or welfare package are much appreciated by members of the Armed Forces serving overseas and are a great way for you to let them know that you're thinking about them. SOS has permission from the MOD and BFPO to send parcels but they do so under very strict guidelines. For more information about sending care or welfare parcels including ideas on what to send, visit their Care Packages page.

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