The Battle for Normandy

Posted on Friday 15th June 2012

The Great Crusade - Episode IV
Episode IV of The Great Crusade, titled The Battle for Normandy covers some key events from D-Day to St. Lo which occurred from June until late July 1944. Of course all of the engagements could not be covered, but Battle Scene Productions will come back address this topic in other venues in the future.
From a modeling standpoint the usual 'sets' had to be hand made by BSP as far as creating buildings, trees, debris and other accessories, which is very time consuming. At the beginning BSP hoped to produce an episode every two to three months, they soon found this was a bit too ambitious.
At this time BSP feels it is time to up the bar yet again, as far as detail is concerned, so it could be up to six months before Episode V is released. Ten episodes were planned originally, but BSP is now looking into the possibility of scaling this down to eight full episodes, after which they will produce a DVD which will use the best shots from all eight episodes along with new material and an epilogue, which will be exclusive to the DVD.
BSP is currently building all of the scenes for the WWII museum in New Jersey, USA, and some promotional scenes for Figarti Miniatures and John Jenkins Designs, who are their favorite Military Miniatures Manufacturers. They have also been commissioned to do some custom scenes for various collectors.
BSP would like to thank Warfare magazine, Pen and Sword Books how are the inspiration for many of their projects and Hobby Bunker USA for assisting with the enormous amount of supplies needed to complete BSP's various projects.
A BSP diorama from The battle for Normandy.

This episode covers key events from D-Day to the Breakout.

Scenes from The Great Crusade Episode IV - The Battle for Normandy.

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