The Untold Heroes of Helmand

Posted on Monday 15th August 2016

Remembering Their Miraculous Escape And Their Heroism

Too many Taliban, too little cover and no hope. A band of brothers were enclosed in the Afghan Desert, at Helmand outpost, completely surrounded and devastatingly outnumbered. Yet, they escaped. Ten years on, and now the Heroes of Helmand are heard.

A 360 degree onslaught of full-frontal attacks, bombarding the men from all sides, over the course of 56 days, and with little cover to protect them; it truly is a miracle that anyone was left standing.

With 500 Taliban encircling the 88 British and Irish troops and their near impossible escape, this battle has been likened to heroism shown in 1879, when a small group of British soldiers held off 3,000 Zulus: the battle of Rorke's Drift. Their gallantry rewarded with eleven Victoria Crosses and immortalised in film: 'Zulu' starring Michael Caine.

The stories of the Helmand Heroes shall also be caught on camera, as they are soon to be broadcast as part of a documentary on Channel 4, 'Heroes of Helmand: The British Army's Great Escape', airing Tuesday 16th August, 9 p.m. A decade later and the memories of the ex-soldier survivors are pieced together. A poignant account that needed to be told; these harrowing events should never be forgot.

a Channel 4 documentary


Catch the programme on TV Tuesday 16th August at 9pm.

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