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Hitler's First Aerial Attack on Britian

16th October 1939

The first aerial attack on British territory occurred on 16th October 1939. At 1100 hours, 15 Junkers JU -88 of 1/KG 30 led by Hauptman Helmuth Pohle took off from Westerland. They were on route to bomb their intended target, HMS Hood, which had been sighted off the Scottish coast. The airman had instructions from Hitler not to attack the Hood if she had reached dry dock. By the time the aircraft flew over the Forth Bridge, HMS Hood had reached the 'safety' of the dock, but there were other targets in view. However, the German aircraft had been spotted. Tribal Class HMS Mohawk opened fire on the Junkers. Unfortunately the aircraft had time to release 2 bombs which exploded close to the ships, killing 15 men and injuring 30 others.

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Autumn Air Show

Starts: Sun 16th October
Ends: Sun 16th October
Price: From £9.95
Tel: 01223835000

IWM Duxford, Cambridgeshire CB22 4QR

Air Show in Cambridgeshire

Remembering the Korean War
The Korean War was the first major conflict in which jet aircraft sought air superiority alongside the final-generation propeller-driven piston fighters.

The Autumn Air Show pays homage to this uniquely international air battle, characterised by the contrast between the highly-developed piston engine and the first generation of jet aircraft.

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