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Millennium Squadron Prints

Starts: Sat 12th November
Ends: Sat 31st December
Price: FREE
Tel: 01902 376200

Royal Air Force Museum Cosford, Shifnal, Shropshire TF11 8UP

Exhibition in Shifnal, Shropshire

A unique collection of aviation prints is now on display in Hangar 1.

The Millennium Squadron Prints exhibition is a collection of aviation prints of UK Armed Forces Flying Units that were in existence at 12.01am on the 1st January 2000.

In 2000, the RAF Museum Cosford displayed the Millennium Squadron Prints exhibition. Now, 11 years on, the Museum is revisiting this unique collection to examine how many of the units in existence in 2000 are still active, and what fate has befallen the exhibition's featured aircraft.

The collection consists of 116 prints from units as diverse as the Red Arrows, 1435 Flight (RAF), patrolling the skies of the Falkland Islands, many of the Royal Naval Air Service squadrons, Army Air Corps units, and RAF flying training units. As an added feature, the aircrew on each unit signed their print. Famous signatures on the prints to look out for include Tony Blair and Geoff Hoon, UK Prime Minister and Defence Secretary respectively on 1st January 2000.

This popular collection was compiled by Group Captain W.A.W. James MBE, now Station Commander of RAF Shawbury.

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