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Napoleon escapes from Elba

26th February 1815

The Escape From Elba tells the heroic story of Napoleon's exile and phoenix-like return. In this classic account, now republished in paperback, Norman MacKenzie chronicles this extraordinary year: the tense last hours of Napoleon's empire, his humiliating exile, his midnight escape and his whirlwind march over snowbound mountains to Grenoble where, in a dramatic confrontation with the French army, he became a reigning prince again.

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The Escape From Elba
(Paperback - 320 pages)
by Norman Mackenzie

The year is 1814. The Allies have driven Napoleon's once-mighty armies back to Paris. Trapped, forced to abdicate after two decades of triumphant rule, the Emperor takes leave of his comrades-in-arms and sets sail for his new domain - the tiny, poverty-stricken, pestilential island of Elba. Yet within ten months… Read more...

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This Day's Events



Starts: Sun 26th February
Ends: Sun 26th February
Price: See description

The Angel Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge TN9 1SF

Wargaming in Tonbridge

Entrance Charges
Women and under-16s: Free
Opening Times
Doors open at 10.00
The show will close at 16.00
Things you need to know

The Angel Centre is 5 minutes on foot from Tonbridge Station and is surrounded by extensive FREE car parking.
Visiting Clubs will present Demonstration games to see the hobby in action, as well as Participation games to join in.
A large ‘Bring and Buy’ will be running. Booking forms are available in advance via the links on this page.
Catering by Perfect Platters of Tonbridge.
A bar will be open from 11.00.
Bring & Buy: There is always a big Bring and Buy at our show. The Bring and Buy is where you can offer your old wargaming troops and equipment, books, rules, etc. for sale. It is also an opportunity to find elusive items at bargain prices.



Starts: Sun 26th February
Ends: Sun 26th February
Price: £3.50 Adults, £1.50 Children under 16

The Oakley Crewe, Crewe CW1 2PZ

Wargaming in Crewe

South Cheshire Militaire is the premier universal model show, held on the last Sunday of each February in Crewe, Cheshire. The event features a host of stands and activities; club and trade stands intermingle in the main hall, whilst the upstairs gallery hosts the open competition, and a variety of other activities including radio control displays and demonstrations, artwork, wargaming and other modelling activites. All types of modellers are welcome to the show; keen enthusiasts, beginners, IPMS members, independent modellers, indeed anyone interested in any aspect of modelling. There's always something for everyone and makes an ideal day out, even for non-modellers.

The show is open to the general public from 1000 to 1700. Competition entry closes at 1230.

Entrance to the show is £3.50 for adults, £1.50 for children under 16 years old and pensioners 65 years and older. Please check back nearer the date to confirm cost.

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