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The First Air Raids against Malta during WWII

11th June 1940

On 11 June 1940, the day after Italy declared war on Britain and France, aircraft of the Italian Royal Air Force attacked Malta. Most of its land forces had been committed for the upcoming invasion of Greece, so Italy resorted to aerial bombardment. On the first day, ten Italian Cant bombers dropped bombs on Grand Harbour, Hal Far, and Kalafrana. In seven attacks, eleven civilians and six soldiers were killed. In addition, roughly 130 civilians and some soldiers were injured.

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This Day's Events


Oklahoma D-Day Event

Starts: Mon 11th June
Ends: Sun 17th June
Price: 80.00 US
Tel: 918.666.3411

68950 Highway 60, Wyandotte, Oklahoma USA 74370

Paintball war re-enactment in Wyandotte, Oklahoma USA

15th Annual D-Day re-enactment event featuring daily mini scenarios, night event and day long main battle. Sword, Omaha and Utah Beach landings, battle for Caen and Colleville, plus loads of other activities. Event involves the use of paintball markers, as well as several dozen simulated tanks. Players serve as members of various German, French, Canadian, British and American units which were all involved in the original D-Day 1944 Operation. Expected number of participants is in excess of 3,000. Playing area 700+ acres.

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