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Germany Invades Poland

1st September 1939

The Invasion of Poland began at 4:40 am, with the German Luftwaffe attacking several targets in Poland. The Luftwaffe launches air attacks against Krakow, Lodz, and Warsaw. 2 Days later Neville Chamberlain announces that Britain is at War.

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Blitzkrieg Unleashed
(Hardback - 320 pages)
by Richard Hargreaves

At dawn on Friday 1 September 1939 the Germans launched their land, sea and air assault on Poland. The World became aware of the awesome power of Hitler's Third Reich and the limitless and ruthless nature of his ambition.

The Blitzkrieg (Lightning War) attack, spearheaded by Panzers,…

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This Day's Events



Starts: Sat 1st September
Ends: Sun 2nd September
Price: ADULT £20, UNDER 16s FREE
Tel: 01865 516124

Oxford Airport, Oxon OX5 1RA

Airshow & Vintage Entertainment in Oxon

Retro Shopping Village
Swing Dance Workshops
Rock To The Past Concert & Wings & Strings Concert
Living History Exhibition
History of Flight Show
Jamie Oliver Forties Feast
Classic Car Parade
Historic Air Park
Pleasure Flights
Mingling Theatre
Vintage Steam Fairground
Military Vehicles
Four Hour Air Show



Starts: Sat 1st September
Ends: Sun 2nd September
Price: Adults £17/£20 Child (12-15) £8/£10 Under 12s
Tel: 01273 441545

Shoreham Aiport, Shoreham, West Sussex BN43 5FF

Airshow in Shoreham, West Sussex

The Royal Air Forces Association Airshow at Shoreham is one of the premier family airshows in the UK. The airshow regularly attracts the best UK and European display acts to its unique “garden party” atmosphere event each summer. The show is held to support the work of the Royal Air Forces Association which provides welfare and comradeship to all members of the Royal Air Force and Royal Air Force Regiment. Since the shows inception, the event has raised over £1.5million for RAFA.

Shoreham is the oldest licensed airfield in the UK and has a beautiful Grade II* listed art deco style Terminal Building.

The afternoon flying display will feature strong support from the armed forces as well as exciting aerobatic and emotive historic aircraft displays. We plan to include our famous "Scramble" scenario featuring historic Spitfires, Hurricanes and Messerchmitts in a thrilling set piece with pyrotechnics and re-enactors. On the ground there will be extensive static displays, arena displays, classic cars and trade stalls. .

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