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WWI: Germany declares war on France

3rd August 1914

When the German Empire began to mobilize on 30th July 1914, France, sporting significant animosity over the German conquest of Alsace-Lorraine during the Franco-Prussian War, ordered French mobilization on 1 August. Germany declared war on France just two days later.

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Kitchener's Army
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Numbering over five million men, Britain's army in the First World War was the biggest in the country's history. Remarkably, nearly half those men who served in it were volunteers. 2,466,719 men enlisted between August 1914 and December 1915, many in response to the appeals of the Field-Marshal Lord Kitchener.… Read more...

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This Day's Events


The Knights' Tournament

Starts: Sat 3rd August
Ends: Sun 4th August
Price: Adult £7.70 /Concession £6.90/ Child £4.60 /Family
Tel: 01728 724189

Framlingham Castle, Church Street, Framlingham IP13 9BP

Medieval knights' tournament in Framlingham

This exciting event will transport visitors back to the 15th century, offering a mix of pageantry, excitement and action, whilst providing them with a real taste of the fearsome battles of days gone by.

Visitors are invited to join the medieval townsfolk of Framlingham to cheer on the four armoured Knights and their Squires, as they compete in three gruelling rounds, including hand-to-hand combat, archery competitions and much, much more. Friends and family will delight in the thrill of each nail-biting round as the skills and strengths of the Knights and their agile Squires are tested. Highlights of the day are:

Midieval Archery Display, The Crest Melée and Clash of Steel


Military & Flying Machines Show

Starts: Sat 3rd August
Ends: Sun 4th August
Price: See website for different prices.
Tel: 01245 476249
Email: Contact Form:

Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster, Essex EXRM14 2TN

Vehicle & Air Show in Upminster, Essex

undreds of military vehicles across all eras and nationalities - from push bikes to massive trucks that even make the tanks look small! The tanks and armoured vehicles will be taking part in the awesome and well renowned tank and armoured vehicle parade. There is a fantastic turn out of classic cars, bikes, buses and steam engines for each show.

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