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Napoleon escapes from Elba

26th February 1815

The Escape From Elba tells the heroic story of Napoleon's exile and phoenix-like return. In this classic account, now republished in paperback, Norman MacKenzie chronicles this extraordinary year: the tense last hours of Napoleon's empire, his humiliating exile, his midnight escape and his whirlwind march over snowbound mountains to Grenoble where, in a dramatic confrontation with the French army, he became a reigning prince again.

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The Escape From Elba
(Paperback - 320 pages)
by Norman Mackenzie

The year is 1814. The Allies have driven Napoleon's once-mighty armies back to Paris. Trapped, forced to abdicate after two decades of triumphant rule, the Emperor takes leave of his comrades-in-arms and sets sail for his new domain - the tiny, poverty-stricken, pestilential island of Elba. Yet within ten months… Read more...

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Jim Crossley: Voices from Jutland

Starts: Fri 26th February
Ends: Fri 26th February
Price: 5
Tel: 01263715858

The Holt Bookshop, Holt NR25 6AR

Talk in Holt

Jim Crossley will be at Holt Bookshop to promote his new book Voices from Jutland.

Jim is a Pen and Sword author who has already written Monitors of the Royal Navy (2013) and The Hidden Threat (2011).

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