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Operation Jubilee

19th August 1942

The Dieppe Raid, also known as Operation Jubilee, was an Allied attack during World War II on the German-occupied port of Dieppe on the northern coast of France. Over 6,000 infantrymen, predominantly Canadian, were supported by large Royal Navy and Royal Air Force contingents. The objective was to seize and hold a major port for a short period, both to prove it was possible and to gather intelligence from prisoners and captured materials while assessing the German responses. No major objectives of the raid were accomplished. A total of 3,623 of the 6,086 men who made it ashore were either killed, wounded, or captured (almost 60%). The air force failed to lure the Luftwaffe into open battle, and lost 96 aircraft.

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In 1942, with the outcome of the war very much in the balance, there was a pressing need for military success on mainland Europe. Churchill ordered Admiral Lord Mountbatten's Combined Operations HQ to take the war to the Germans. The Canadians were selected for the Dieppe raid, which, while a… Read more...

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