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WWII: A general strike against the Nazi occupation is started in Denmark

28th August 1943

With no help initially from the Allies, the Danes set up a resistance movement that proved to be a constant irritation to the occupation forces – not a meek canary, but a dangerous and courageous bird of prey that refused to be caged. The selfless courage shown by the Danes, when collaboration would have been an easy option, is astonishing.

Further Reading

Hitler's Savage Canary
(Hardback - 235 pages)
by David Lampe

Adolf Hitler stated that after occupation Denmark would turn into a ‘model protectorate’. Winston Churchill, meanwhile, maintained that the small country of (then) four million people would become ‘the sadistic murderer’s canary’. In the end, neither was right.

Though their resistance organisation was slower to develop effective… Read more...

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