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British Army march into Tripoli

23rd January 1943

On 23 January 1943 the British 8th army marched into Tripoli, later occupying the Libyan capital in this World War Two battle. This was part of a series of battles that initially started with the Italian occupation of Ethiopia. This thrust was eventually supported by the German Africa Corps in the hope that the whole of North Africa would be occupied by the Axis forces, ultimately denying the Allies access to the reserves of labour and raw materials in the North African/ Middle Eastern Region. However, during the British Liberation of Tripoli, Germany was deeply involved on a second war front, with Russia. This meant that a depleted Germany force fought in North Africa, and the manoeuvres by Rommel amounted to slightly more than a series of fighting retreats. Each encounter further diminished the Axis' reserves of men and material, while the Allies received reinforcements every day. This was to lead to the ultimate defeat of the Axis forces in the North Africa. Among the Colonies that fought on the side of the British/Allies, were South Africa, New Zealand, Senegal and Australia.

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