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German WWI Bomber bombs St Pancras

17th February 1918

As fighter aircraft improved in WWI, the great gas-filled Zeppelins prove too vulnerable to undertake bombing raids. In their place both sides developed heavy bombers during the second half of the war, and by 1918 these were quite formidable craft. On February 17 of that year one of London's railway stations, St Pancras, was bombed by a Staaken R.VI (with a wingspan nearly equaling that of the WWII Boeing B-29) carrying a crew of seven and a bomb load of 4000 pounds. Read more:

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In the autumn of 1916 the Germans began to equip with the Gotha twin-engined bomber. Of a pusher layout, these aircraft could fly at 15,000 feet, well above any contemporary fighter's maximum height. With a range of 800 km (500 miles) and a bomb load of up to 500 kg… Read more...

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