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19th February 1915

The First World War: British and French forces begin the bombardment of Turkish positions in the Dardanelles. Winston Churchill's obsession with the Dardanelles had fatal consequences for many thousands of servicemen. Moreover it almost destroyed the career of the most influential British figure of this Century. Penn's latest work examines in depth an extraordinary and ill-matched politico/military relationship which was to have the most far-reaching results.

Further Reading

Under Fire In The Dardanelles
(Hardback - 208 pages)
by Kira Charatan

Edward Cadogan kept a record of his war in words and photographs. His baptism by fire in Gallipoli made a profound effect on him but, as the situation deteriorated and casualties mounted, he became highly critical of the plan and the leadership. His front line experiences are balanced by his… Read more...

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