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WWII: Final voyage of German Submarine U-234

25th March 1945

German submarine U-234 was a Type XB U-boat of the German Kriegsmarine during World War II. Her first and only mission into enemy territory consisted of the attempted delivery of uranium and other German advanced weapons technology to the Empire of Japan. After learning of Germany's unconditional surrender, the submarine surrendered to the United States on 14 May 1945.

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Germany's Last Mission to Japan:
(Paperback - 272 pages)
by Joseph Mark Scalia

In March 1945 the German submarine U-234 sailed for Japan with a top-secret cargo of advanced weapons and electronics in the Nazis' last attempt to share technology with their ally. Also aboard were a select group of officials and experts whose knowledge was, if anything, even more valuable. However the… Read more...

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