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Fred Dibnah was born

28th April 1938

Fred Dibnah MBE, born in Bolton, was a famous steeplejack and engineer, aswell as TV personality and steam enthusiast. When presenting his own programmes, his blunt, no nonsense style made a welcome change from the so called television professionals. His genius lay in being able to communicate with the audience in simple, direct, colloquial English. Dibnah died on 6 November 2004 aged 66, following a three-year battle with prostate cancer.

Further Reading

Fred Dibnah
by Keith Langston

Mid-Cheshire based heritage transportation specialist photographer and feature writer Keith Langston travelled extensively with Fred Dibnah during the filming of his last TV series, 'Made in Britain.' Following Fred's untimely death, Keith embarked upon the creation of a book, drawing not only on his experiences with the Bolton born steeplejack… Read more...

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