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German Submarine U-110 captured by Royal Navy

9th May 1941

U-110 was captured by the Royal Navy on 9th May 1941 which provided a number of secret cipher documents to the British. U-110's capture, later given the code name "Operation Primrose", was one of the biggest secrets of the war, remaining secret for seven months. The documents captured from U-110 helped Bletchley Park codebreakers solve Reservehandverfahren, a reserve German hand cipher used as a backup method when no working Enigma machine was available.

Further Reading

The Secret Capture
(Hardback - 184 pages)
by Stephen Roskill

For fifteen years after the end of the war all official Admiralty records showed the German submarine U 110 as sunk on 9 May 1941 by the surface escorts of convoy OB.318. As this book was the first to reveal, this was a deliberate deception, as the U-boat was actually… Read more...

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