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General Edward Braddock dies

13th July 1755

General Edward Braddock was a British soldier and commander-in-chief for North America during the actions at the start of the French and Indian War. He is generally best remembered for his command of a disastrous expedition against the French-occupied Ohio Country in 1755, in which he lost his life. Not only did Braddock’s expedition have a profound impact on American military and political developments, this fateful march opened the first major road for westward expansion, anointed a national hero in George Washington, and sowed the seeds for the American Revolution.

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Braddock's March
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In 1755, Major General Edward Braddock was sent by Great Britain on a mission to drive France once and for all from the New World. Accompanied by the largest armed expeditionary force ever sent to North America, Braddock’s
primary target was the Forks of the Ohio, where he planned… Read more...

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