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Battle of Hastings 1066

14th October 1066

On October 14, 1066, Harold Godwinson led 5,000 men to battle and his own ultimate death as they battled against a Norman force of up to 15,000 infantry, cavalry and archers at, what is now known as, Battle. Harold only lasted as King from January 1066 until his time on the battlefield on this day.

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The Battle of Hastings 1066 - The Uncomfortable Truth
(Hardback - 192 pages)
by John Grehan

The Battle of Hastings is the most defining event in English history. As such, its every detail has been analysed by scholars and interpreted by historians. Yet one of the most fundamental aspect of the battle the place upon which it was fought has never been seriously questioned, until now.… Read more...

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The Battle of Hastings

14th October 1066

The Battle of Hastings in 1066 is without a doubt one of the most significant events in English history. The battle took place during the Norman invasion of England, following the death of Edward the Confessor, which ignited a three-way rivalry for the English throne. Harold II was killed in the battle—legend has it that he was shot through the eye with an arrow.

Further Reading

by Peter Marren

If ever there was a year of destiny for the British Isles, 1066 must have a strong claim. What dramatic changes of fortune, heroic marches, assaults by land and sea took place that year. This book explains what really happened and why in what is arguably the 'best known' but… Read more...

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U-boat U-47 sinks the British battleship HMS Royal Oak

14th October 1939

Royal Oak fell victim to the skill and audacity of U-boat ace Kapitanleutnant Gunther Prien in U47. He slipped through the defences of the Royal Navy's wartime anchorage in the Orkneys and put four torpedoes into the dreadnought on 14th October 1939. The battleship sank in less than 15 minutes; of her ship's company of more than 1200, 833 perished.

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U-Boats in World Wars One & Two
by Diane Canwell

U Boats were the scourge of the seas for Allied shipping during both World Wars - almost bringing Britain to the brink of starvation on several occasions. This book contains unseen photographs taken by German submarine crew and captains during each war.
The World War One selection features…

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