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WWII: Units of the British Army land at Walcheren in the Netherlands

1st November 1944

The Battle of Walcheren Causeway was an engagement of the Battle of the Scheldt between the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade, elements of the British 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division, notably the Glasgow Highlanders, and troops of the German 15th Army in 1944, in an attempt to remove German defences on both sides of the waterway leading into Antwerp to allow the captured port to be used.

Further Reading

Walcheren - Operation Infatuate
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by Andrew Rawson

Describes the fierce campaign, codenamed INFATUATE, mounted in November 1944 to clear the way through to the port of Antwerp. The book describes the extraordinary courage of the Germans who fought to the bitter end. Read more...

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