Chinese Hordes and Human Waves

Chinese Hordes and Human Waves
Released: 11th July 2019
RRP: £12.99
Introductory Price: £12.99

Publisher: Pen & Sword Books
Author: Brian Parritt
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9781783373727
Pages: 204

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The North Koreans' attack on their Southern neighbours in 1950 shocked and surprised the World already in the grip of the Cold War in Korea. The conflict rapidly escalated with China soon heavily involved on one side and the United Nations on the other. The author, then a young Gunner officer, found himself in the midst of this very nasty war. He describes in vivid detail the horrific conditions faced not just by all elements of the British contingent but also the Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans who fought so well. The reader is given a clear insight of what it was like to be at the infamous Battle of the Hook, where UN troops held off ferocious massed attacks by the numerically superior Chinese. Few outside the war zone realised just how appalling and dangerous conditions were.

As a qualified Chinese interpreter and, later, a senior military intelligence officer, the Author is well placed to analyse the causes and implications of the War, the reasons for the Commonwealth becoming involved, the failure of Intelligence and how the bravery of American troops on the ground counter-balanced errors of policy in the conduct of the War. The plight of prisoners-of-war, held with no regard for the Geneva Convention, is also scrutinised. As well as being rare and gripping personal memoir, Chinese Hordes and Human Waves provides a valuable insight into the broader issues surrounding this alltoo- often forgotten conflict.

Comments from Korean War Veterans about Chinese Hordes -

"A most interesting book. Very readable and fascinating"
"Your book is quite fascinating and very interesting to read"

"The book certainly brings back many memories and some wonderful anecdotes long forgotten"

"I did not realize how much I had forgotten. A great read"

"The book has certainly brought back memories of my time spent in Korea"

"The book is absolutely superb such a clear explanation of the build up to
the war and the par that Baker Troop played in it. I thoroughly enjoyed
reading it."

"I hope your book will be compulsory reading for all students of Army

"I have just read your excellent book and I must congratulate you on it. It's not often that I find myself reading a book so absorbing that I had to read it from cover to cover almost non-stop! I think yours is the first book about this campaign that I have read that gives due recognition to the presence and use of tanks.  
You have taught me more about the Korean War than I ever knew certainly while I was there and afterwards as well. I also enjoyed reliving my early days in the army which were so much as you described yours."
"Many congratulations on the breadth and depth of your research. I only hope
that you are turning your mind to further erudite works before you begin to
lose your marbles"

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