Uzbekistan: An Experience of Cultural Treasures to Colour

Uzbekistan: An Experience of Cultural Treasures to Colour
Released: 10th June 2019
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Type: EPub

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Like the fascinating culture that comes to life between its pages, UZBEKISTAN: an experience of cultural treasures to colour will take you on a journey of discovery from the blue and gold splendours of Samarkand to the intricacy of sacred mosaics. It’s the perfect way for you and your children to explore Uzbekistan’s rich cultural heritage, taking us along the Silk Road from fifth century architecture to modern-day artists.

As we turn the pages, exquisite full-colour photographs transport us to some of the world’s most magnificent architectural monuments. From palaces through mosques, madrasahs and mausoleums, we wend our way amongst masterpieces of Islamic architecture, marvelling at the captivating mosaics with their complex geometric patterns or motifs inspired by the world of plants and mythological beasts. Fascinating and vibrant, they testify to the skill and craftsmanship of historic Uzbek masters.

As a tribute to this rich heritage, UZBEKISTAN: an experience of cultural treasures to colour is a celebration of the arts and pictorial traditions of this fascinating land. Photographs of architectural monuments, murals, ceramics, tapestries and ornamented textiles highlight the country's cultural treasures. Short accompanying texts explain their historical significance. On the right-hand page, the reader is given the opportunity to colour in drawings based on the beautiful photographs provided.

“The quality of the print, the paper, the colours, the selection of contents, and the sheer beauty of the book is a joy. It is perhaps such a pretty object that I am not sure that many people will dare to colour it and risk ruining it, but I can see it inspiring many, and also making many people wonder about the country and its history.

If you are looking for an unusual present for somebody who loves colouring book, or simply somebody who might appreciate a beautiful book about the arts, craft, and architecture of Uzbekistan, I’d recommend it.” (Olga Núñez Miret)

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