Western National: A Journey in Colour, 1983–2003

Western National: A Journey in Colour, 1983–2003
Released: 6th April 2020
RRP: £25.00
Introductory Price: £20.00

Publisher: Pen & Sword Books
Author: Andrew Bartlett
Type: Hardback
ISBN: 9781526755063
Pages: 192

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This book covers Western National in the period from 1983-2003, looking at the changes in livery and operation of the company, which was transitioning from a part of the National Bus Company to that of a private operation.

The author has been a prolific photographer of buses for many years, covering many areas of Britain, chasing different types of vehicle and the services they run on.

This book concentrates on Western National, looking at its operations during an interesting period, when liveries were changing and the company's corporate identity was moving on from a nationalised concern to that of a newly privatised group member.

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