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Posted on Friday 11th November

The Warfare team met an inspirational character this Remembrance Day when 93 year old Gus Anckorn launched his book, Captivity, Slavery and Survival as a Far East POW at the Pen and Sword offices in Barnsley.

Gus described himself as 'someone who has been blown up, shot at, buried alive twice, been the sole survivor of a massacre and lined up in front of a machine-gun post.' He went on to say, 'It is a miracle I am still alive, and I live every day because of that.'

Gus was presented with a copy of his book, written by Peter Fyans whom Gus thanked expressly, by Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis. This was particularly appropriate as Dan himself has served in the military. He was interviewed by local press and media and told his extraordinary story of life on the 'Death Railway' during the Second World War.

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Conjuror on the Kwai

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The Conjuror on the Kwai is the incredibly moving story of Gus Anckorn, a British soldier who was captured by the Japanese and held for over three and a half years. Before the war, Gus was a magician and throughout the war, entertained both fellow soldiers and Japanese guards with his tricks.

Gus has a brilliant sense of humour and a \'tell it as it is\' attitude which got him into a… Read more...

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