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Posted on Wednesday 16th November

History Today is celebrating its 60th birthday this year and has asked readers and followers to help to answer the question: Who is the Most Important Historian of the Past 60 Years?

For their celebration issue, History Today has asked a number of distinguished historians to choose their favourite works of history and important historians from the past 60 years, along similar lines to Frontline Books' The Hand of History which is featured in the current issue of Warfare.

Readers are also invited to give their opinion on the matter. To see the shortlist (and the reactions to it!) and to cast your vote visit HistoryToday.com.

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The Hand of History

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As featured by The Times newspaper. ‘Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter’ - Nigerian proverbrnrn ‘This proverb undermines the idea of “objective” history. It’s all too easy to think that bias in history is bad, and that objectivity is good. But objectivity is usually a euphemism for the history of the victors, or the history of the hunters. What would an objective history of the Iraq war… Read more...

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