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Posted on Monday 28th November

Leftover munitions from the Second World War are causing chaos in central Europe, as an autumn drought causes water levels in the River Rhine to drop to around 5 feet below average.

The Rhine saw intensive fighting during the War, and the low water levels have now revealed several unexploded WW2 bombs and a hand grenade.

A controlled explosion has already been carried out on an incendiary bomb near Cologne, but a larger 1,800kg bomb has now been spotted near Koblenz, partly buried in the mud, making access to the detonation fuse difficult. This, along with the presence of a smaller American bomb found nearby, has complicated plans to defuse the bomb.

The biggest post-war evacuation in Koblenz's history will take place, when around 45,000 residents are cleared from an evacuation zone 1.8km in radius.

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