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Posted on Wednesday 7th December

A memorial is to be be built to honour Britain's 'last Tommy', Harry Patch.

Harry Patch, who served with the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry during the First World War, died at the age of 111 in 2009. He was well known for being the last survivor of the First World War trenches. He joined up in 1916 and was badly wounded in 1917 during the Third Battle of Ypres, after which he was sent home to recover and spent the remainder of the war in Britain.

A monument is to be built near the Wells and Mendip Museum, in the heart of Harry's home city of Wells, Somerset. It has been made possible through the donations of local people.

Harry Patch is featured on the cover of Richard Van Emden's fantastic and moving book, Britain's Last Tommies – an extraordinary collection of veterans' stories and photographs.

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