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Posted on Wednesday 1st February

The National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard will be celebrating the bicentenary of the declaration of the 1812 war with a dinner on the Lower Gun Deck of HMS Victory on 18 June 1812.

The War of 1812 saw the birth of the legend of the USS Constitution, earning her the nickname ‘Old Ironsides’ and ensuring her place in history. Constitution remains the oldest commissioned warship still afloat. She is no doubt the United States’ equivalent of HMS Victory, famous for her exploits at the Battle of Trafalgar.

The similarities between the lives of the two ships, launched 30 years apart, are many and they symbolise the present relationship between the British and US navies.

Britain's premier naval historian, Professor Andrew Lambert, will be a guest speaker for the dinner, which will be an exclusive affair to raise funds for the NMRN as well as marking the bicentenary of the 1812 war.

Guests will be seated amongst the guns at mess tables as the sailors would have dined, and tickets are limited. For further information or to arrange a site visit, email: giles.gould@nmrn.org.uk.

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