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Posted on Thursday 16th February

Britain's flagship, HMS Bulwark paid an unexpected visit to the German port of Kiel when ice on the Elbe meant she could not sail into Hamburg as planned, at the beginning of her winter mini-deployment.

Few of Germany's ports were open due to the cold snap which dominated northern Europe, but Devonport-based Bulwark was able to pass through the Kiel Canal – which links the North Sea with the Baltic – and pay a surprise visit to the home of the Deutsche Marine, to the delight of the local media who dubbed her the Eis-Flüchtling (Ice Refugee).

The unscheduled visit to Kiel allowed the ship’s company the chance to pay their respects to their forebears. Kieler Nordfriedhof Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery is the last resting place of 983 British personnel who were killed in WW2 – mostly on RAF bombing raids. Bulwark's Commanding Officer laid a wreath at the central monument in the cemetery.

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