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Posted on Tuesday 21st February

A Yorkshire-based company, Pocket Locations, has recently launched a historical travel App, D Day and Normandy, for download from iTunes and direct onto iPhones and iPad.

Pocket Locations was founded from a love of history and followed on from Director Lydia Phillip's personal journey tracing the story of her family in both World Wars. It takes the user to the heart of Europe's First and Second World War battlefields: a simple and easy-to-use personal tour guide.

The App was developed following huge amounts of research, in order to plug a gap in the market and provide a detailed plan which would cover all the important points of interest when embarking on a trip or simply researching this defining time in the Second World War.

Since going live on iTunes the app, which costs £2.99, has already had thousands of downloads from all over the world, confirming the level of interest in this area. Mrs Phillip said: 'The app has been very well received. It has been given a five star rating on iTunes and the reviews have been spectacular.'

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