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Posted on Monday 2nd April

To mark the anniversary of the Falklands Conflict, Pen and Sword Books are offering 20% off a wide selection of Falklands titles, as described below:

The 30th anniversary of the Falklands War gives us the opportunity to review the dramatic recapture of the disputed islands, but also now with Argentina adopting a new level of aggressive diplomacy, some say we are now once again closer to war than at any point in the preceding 30 years. These factors are analysed by Falklands historian, Graham Bound, in his latest book, Fortress Falklands.

Also new to the Falklands list, and currently a best-selling Falklands title, is Ian Gardiner's The Yompers, which looks at 45 Commando's role in the War. From the Paras' perspective, Pen and Sword were delighted to publish the first biography of Falklands Hero Ian Mckay, VC winner at Mount Longdon. This fascinating book, written in conjunction with Ian's family, reveals his story for the first time.

At the beginning of the war, Nick Barker, Captain of HMS Endurance, the ice patrol vessel, describes how it all started from his perspective in Beyond Endurance. We also have Invasion 1982 by Graham Bound, who tells us from the Falkland Islanders' perspective what it was like to be invaded and occupied.

A range of other biographies by men who served in the Falklands also include: From the Front Line (Para at Goose Green), RAF Harrier Ground Attack Falklands (Harrier Pilot), Special Forces Pilot (Sea King Pilot), Reasons in Writing (Royal Marine who knew the islands intimately before war broke out), RAF Tanker Navigator (Supporting the Vulcan attacks), Bomb Alley - Falklands Islands 1982 (HMS Antrim) and Ordeal by Exocet (HMS Glamorgan).

We also have some classic accounts from some of the British Commanders including Julian Thompson's 3 Commando Brigade in the Falklands, Commodore Clapp's Amphibious Assault Falklands and Nick Vaux's March to the South Atlantic.

Other titles look at the key role some of the most famous ships played, such as The Age of Invincible and HMS Fearless.

There are three titles which look at more specific actions, namely Pebble Island, 3 Para – Mount Longdon and 5th Infantry Brigade in the Falklands War.

Finally, there are some good general descriptions of the events of 1982 starting with Martin Middlebrook's two-volume study from the British perspective in The Falklands War and the opposing forces in Argentine Fight for the Falklands. Lastly, there are popular Falklands Commando Nick van der Bijl’s action-packed Nine Battles to Stanley and Victory in the Falklands.

Further Reading

Fortress Falklands

Only £19.99

Fortress Falklands

(Paperback - 232 pages)
by Graham Bound

Since the war of 1982, the 3,000 people who live in the remote Falkland Islands have replaced traditional colonial rule with their own autonomous government, and become wealthy from the sale of fishing licences. Now oil has been discovered, and it promises almost unimaginable wealth. Money has already transformed this tiny society – not always for the better. But home-grown challenges are as nothing compared to the threat from their neighbour, Argentina.


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