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Posted on Monday 28th May

In his 92nd year, Pat Spooner is celebrating the publication of his book A Talent For Adventure in which he recounts stories of prison camps, daring escapes and rescues, missions hardly mentioned before now.

He held his book launch Thursday , 17 May at the Gurkha museum.

On active service with the 8th Gurkha Rifles and Intelligence Services in several campaigns from 1941 to 1948, Pat demonstrated much adventurous talent during challenging times earning the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and many awards including the Burma Star and military MBE.

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A Talent for Adventure

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Books on prison camps, daring escapes and life with the Resistance abound. Pat Spooner's story is different and more compelling in one important respect. It recounts the gripping and dramatic rescue of two senior British generals (one a VC) and an air vice marshal from occupied Italy by the author and his companion who had themselves both escaped from an Italian PoW camp.

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