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Posted on Friday 15th June

Falkland islander and author of Fortress Falklands Graham Bound recalls the Argentine invasion of the islands 30 years on in an exclusive interview with the Mirror.

In the interview Graham describes his personal story as a civilian living through the occupation, Liberation Day, and the current situation amid rising tensions on the islands once again.

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Fortress Falklands

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Fortress Falklands

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by Graham Bound

Since the war of 1982, the 3,000 people who live in the remote Falkland Islands have replaced traditional colonial rule with their own autonomous government, and become wealthy from the sale of fishing licences. Now oil has been discovered, and it promises almost unimaginable wealth. Money has already transformed this tiny society – not always for the better. But home-grown challenges are as nothing compared to the threat from their neighbour, Argentina.


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