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Posted on Tuesday 17th July

A First World War memorial arch is set to be built in Folkestone, Kent in time for the 100th anniversary of the start of the war in 2014.

The memorial will honour millions of soldiers from the war who marched through the town on their way to the battlefields of France and Belgium, the inside of the arch will contain 100 LED lights, one for every 100,000 people who marched through it, with a statue inside looking out to the coast of France like a sentry.

The charity Step Short - set up to remember Folkestone's role as a transit point for an estimated 9 million soldiers, many of whom would not set foot on English soil again - are looking after the project and hope to raise £1.5 million privately, to build the arch and a new visitor centre.

To find out more about Folkestone during the Great War and the charity Step Short, visit the website.

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