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Posted on Monday 23rd July

Last year, 1,511 commemorative precious metal commemorative Mary Rose £2 coins were struck in 22 carat gold, reflecting the year of the Tudor warship's maiden voyage.

The coins have also been struck in sterling silver and pristine, and 1.02 million of them have now been released into public circulation.

As part of a fundraising appeal for the completion of the new museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the Mary Rose Trust would like to ask anyone who finds one of the coins to send it back to the Trust, or alternatively to text COIN02 £2 to 70070, to donate £2.

The Mary Rose is the world's only surviving Tudor warship and the coin has been produced in tribute. Launched in 1511, the Mary Rose was a favourite of King Henry VIII and one of the first ships able to fire a broadside.

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