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Posted on Monday 13th August

G4S - the Olympic security provider - has confirmed that it will donate £2.5m to support Armed Forces' sporting and welfare organizations. The donation is being given as a goodwill gesture recognizing the efforts of more than 18,000 military personnel who were drafted in to assist with Olympics security.

The money will be used to provide a range of welfare amenities, including the purchase of additional sports equipment and the support of the Service sports' associations who back the progress of Olympic athletes.

The gold medal winners of 2012, Captain Heather Stanning of the Royal Artillery and Lieutenant Pete Reed of the Royal Navy, were supported by such groups.

Philip Hammond, Defence Secretary, said:

'This contribution from G4S is welcome news for the Service welfare funds and will go some way to recognising the inconvenience and extra burden that this commitment has placed upon our forces and their families. I am delighted that G4S and the Armed Forces have worked so well together to ensure a safe and secure Games.'

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