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Posted on Monday 1st October

Battlefield History TV have announced that after 2 years of filming on location, they have now completed the filming of the main 7 episodes in their Operation Market Garden series.

The series follows the fortunes of the Allied Airborne Corps and XXX Br Corps in their epic but sadly abortive struggle to seize the major river crossings in Holland and thus allow the Allies to bring the war to a more swift conclusion.

At almost 700 minutes long, this series of programmes are the most detailed series of films ever made about the operation at Arnhem, as well as BHTV's largest project to date.

The first 4 of the DVDs are already available to order, with the final 3 parts due for release in 2013. For more information or to see what else is available in the BHTV range, click here.

Taking it Further

Arnhem - Battle of the Woods

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Arnhem - Battle of the Woods


Jumping in to Drop Zones eight to ten miles from Arnhem on the second day of Operation Market Garden was always going to be difficult for Brigadier “Shan” Hackett's 4th British Parachute Brigade. With little information on how 1 Para Brigade's battle went the day before or what faced them on the ground the stage was set for an epic battle. Author John Waddy, veteran company commander in 156 Para Battalion and a team of… Read more...

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