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Posted on Friday 5th October

Friday, 5 October is Global James Bond Day, a day of celebration of the 50th year of Bond films.

Beaulieu, the National Motor Museum have an exclusive exhibition of 50 original James Bond vehicles, Bond in Motion, including some of the most iconic vehicles from the James Bond films.

As part of the celebrations, Beaulieu will present a special Bond themed gift to the first 50 individuals, couples or families who purchase an admission ticket and enter the exhibition today.

The vehicles on display in the exhibition, which has proved very popular with both film fans and car enthusiasts, include the Aston Martin DB5 from GoldenEye, the Lotus S1 'submarine' car from The Spy Who Loved Me and Xao's Jaguar XKR from Die Another Day.

For more information visit the Beaulieu website.

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