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Posted on Thursday 18th October

Battlefield History TV director and and Pen & Sword author Tim Saunders has been on location on the battlefields of Waterloo filming a short fund raising film for Project Hougoumont, with TV personality Peter Snow.

Project Hougoumont is a heritage project set up with the aim of saving Hougoumont Farm on the site of the 1815 Battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium. The Project intends to raise funds over the coming years in order to restore the farm buildings and redevelop the site.

By the time of the 200th anniversary, visitors should be able to visit the farm and understand Hougoumont's key role in the history of the battle. The aim is to ensure that the site is sound and intact for the long-term future, with a view to attracting and educating more visitors.

Project Hougoumont works closely with Waterloo 200, the UK committee coordinating bicentennial events for the Battle of Waterloo.

BHTV have produced a series of DVDs on the Battle of Waterloo with Pen & Sword Digital. The DVDs in the Waterloo Collection are currently available at a special price: buy all four for £40 for a limited time only.

Taking it Further

Hougoumont and D'Erlon's Attack

Only £15.99

Hougoumont and D'Erlon's Attack

by Tim Saunders

Hougoumont & D'Erlon's Attack is the second part in the explosive four part series, The Waterloo Collection, which covers the entire Waterloo Campaign from Napoleon's return to France and ensuing battles to his final pursuit and eventual surrender to the British.

Following on from Ligny and Quatre Bras, Part II starts by focusing on the concentration of the Allies on the ridge of Mont St Jean and the plans of the opposing… Read more...

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