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Posted on Friday 26th October

Historian John Grehan has made claims that the official site of the 1066 Battle of Hastings is in the wrong place and the battle was actually fought a mile north west of this on Caldbec Hill.

Mr Grehan's theories are supported by the research he conducted for his new book, The Battle of Hastings 1066 – The Uncomfortable Truth. This research suggests that King Harold did not leave his defensive hilltop position on Caldbec Hill and advance on Senlac (Battle) Hill – where the battle is officially commemorated – as documented in existing reports. Mr Grehan asserts that it would not have made sense, tactically, for Harold to move away from his reinforcements.

Furthermore, Mr Grehan believes he has identified the site of a mass grave at the foot of Caldbec Hill, having pointed out that no human remains or artefacts have been recovered from the supposed battle site near Battle Abbey, despite the fact that around 10,000 men are believed to have been killed during the battle.

Mr Grehan said of his findings:

'I assumed everything was known about the Battle of Hastings but I found that almost nothing is known by way of fact.

'Having carried out the research, there are 11 main points which suggest the battle was fought in the wrong place.'

John Grehan has studied documents and gathered evidence in support of his theories, which are described in full in the new book, which has just been published: The Battle of Hastings – The Uncomfortable Truth.

Regional curator for English Heritage Roy Porter said they are obliged to look into alternative theories for the battle site.

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