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Posted on Friday 2nd November

Introducing Claymore Press: a new imprint from Pen and Sword Books dedicated exclusively to the publication of well-researched historical fiction.

The expanding list of titles includes novels that evoke an array of different historical eras, from ancient Rome to the trenches of the First World War and the air raids on Germany during World War Two, sure to appeal to fans of this exciting genre. Rich in detail, the novels place the reader right at the heart of the action, and explore the various themes, ideas, and locations that characterised the times at hand.

The first two novels from the list; Coming Home and The Reichsbank Robbery, are now available to order. The books will be simultaneously released in ebook format.

Anyone who wishes to submit a fiction proposal which they think would be suitable for publication under Claymore Press can do so by contacting the imprint coordinator, Laura Hirst (publishing@pen-and-sword.co.uk).

More information and a complete list of titles forthcoming titles can be found here.

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Coming Home

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