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Posted on Wednesday 21st November

Following a special debate last night in the House of Commons where MPs criticized the decision of Attorney general Dominic Grieve no to look into the case of former SAS soldier and father of two, Sergeant Danny Nightingale, an appeal will be lodged today, Wednesday, against his conviction.

Sgt Nightingale pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a Glock pistol and ammunition at a court martial earlier this month and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. However, friends and family claim that the pistol was given to him as a 'war gift' and was not packed by himself but by colleagues when he left Iraq. Sergeant Nightingale has suffered a brain injury which affects his memory, and says he does not recall having the gun.

Danny's wife and daughters are leading a campaign to get him released before Christmas and will be lodging an appeal later today. Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, wrote to Dominic Grieve yesterday asking him to review Sgt Nightingale's case, but the Attorney General responded that it would be inappropriate to interfere.

During the special debate yesterday in the House of Commons, author of XD Operations - his grandfather's memoirs - and former member of the Territorial SAS, Julian Brazier MP urged the Solicitor General Oliver Heald to 'allow the planned appeal to go through unopposed'. Patrick Mercer MP expressed concerns that the case could affect morale in the armed forces. Julian Lewis MP, author of Racing Ace, was also present and spoke during the debate.

Over 35,000 people have now signed a petition calling for a review of the case, and Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed his 'sympathy' for the case.

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