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Posted on Tuesday 27th November

Shrewsbury townspeople were asked to vote from a shortlist of nine Shropshire heroes to select the subjects of three new life-sized statues to be put up in the town, as part of the Connect2 project which will complete a riverside path along the River Severn by creating a direct route under the mainline railway at Castle Foregate.

Thousands of people cast their votes to select one male and one female character from the shortlist of nine. The third character was chosen by primary school pupils in the town.

First World War poet Wilfred Owen, who grew up in Shrewsbury, received the most votes in the male category with over 50 per cent of the vote. Sabrina, goddess of the River Severn is the female selection. Shrewsbury's town crier of over 25 years, Martin Wood, was the third choice chosen by the town's schoolchildren.

The three figures will be cut from sheet steel and placed by an oak bench in Smithfield Road.

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