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Posted on Friday 8th February

The uniform worn by Horatio Nelson when he was fatally wounded during the Battle of Trafalgar is to be loaned to the Musée de l'Armée in Paris as part of a forthcoming exhibition on Napoleon and Europe, due to open in March.

This will be the first time the coat, of the undress uniform the naval hero changed into as his fleet sailed into battle in October 1805, has left the UK since returning from the battle. The coat has a bullet hole and is stained with blood.

This will the first time that the National Maritime Museum, which owns the garment, has loaned it out, and in its place they will display Nelson's full dress uniform for the first time in over a decade. When it returns to the UK in October, the uniform will be part of a new Nelson, Navy, Nation gallery, charting the Navy's role in British history.

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