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Posted on Tuesday 26th February

Ninety-five years after his death in 1917 Captain Noel Chavasse, a Liverpool surgeon and army officer, was the only man to be awarded two VCs during the First World War - the first in 1916 and a second, posthumously, a year later.

Captain Chavasse's memory is now being honoured as a hospital ward named after the double-VC winner has opened in Liverpool.

Members of Captain Chavasse's family attended the opening and the unveiling of a permanent display which details his achievements.

Medical director Dr Peter Enevoldson said of Captain Chavasse:

'He was a true hero. It appears that his one mission in war was to save lives, even in the most appalling conditions and at enormous risk to himself.'

Captain Chavasse is buried at Brandhoek New Military Cemetery in Belgium and is remembered in Liverpool in Chavasse Park and a statue in Abercromby Square.

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