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Posted on Wednesday 13th March

The results of a two-day referendum on whether the Falkland Islands should retain their current political status as an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom were announced yesterday, 12 March 2013. The referendum was held following pressure from Argentina regarding their claims over the islands.

Only 3 votes out of 1,517 were against the Islands remaining a UK overseas territory. This result was welcomed by the UK government

Thirty-one years on from the Falklands War, Argentina still believe 'Las Malvinas' – as the Islands are known to them – are an Argentine territory. The UK stance is that the Falklands people should determine their own futures.

William Hague, UK Foreign Secretary, said:

'All countries should accept the results of this referendum and support the Falkland islanders as they continue to develop their home and their economy. I wish them every success in doing so.'

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